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Tommy G. Thompson Scholarship Past Recipients

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Katrina Mazanet
Dental Hygienist

Natalie Karls
Occupational Therapy Assistant

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Victoria Talg
Respiratory Therapy

Abbie Weed


Vincent Faris (left)
Respiratory Therapy

Elizabeth Sauer (right)
Respiratory Therapy

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Danielle Ciebell
Dental Hygienist

Cynthia Butzlaff
Practical Nursing


Angela Danielski (left)
Nursing-Associate Degree

Amanda Mayes (right)
Dental Hygienist

Stephanie Webster (not pictured)
Nursing-Associate Degree


Lori Kittleson (left)
Surgical Technologist

Jennifer Muckleroy (right)
Respiratory Therapy


Heather Carter (left)
Certified Nursing assistant

Kate Goth (right)
Health Unit Coordinator
Also included in the photo with Governor Thompson is Bob Dinndorf (right), Executive Director of the MATC Foundation.


Christina Boland (left)
Medical Assistant

Rebecca Schave (right)
Practical Nursing
Update Spring 2010: Christina Boland graduated from the Medical Assistance Program at MATC with a 3.95 GPA and plans on continuing her studies to become a Registered Nurse.


Alexandrea Speckmann-Ramirez (left)
Medical Assistant

Luke A. Johnson (right)


Julie Borth (left)
Practical Nursing

Shannon Byrd (right)
Practical Nursing

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